SF-based label BrapDem! is known for pushing the most eccentric styles and tempos of bass music, and the label's next release, Pawn's Hazel EP brings us four slow-moving jams straight from the dark side. Check out the title track, "Hazel;" its stringy guitar-like synth sounds like a soundtrack for the next morning, no matter what you were doing the night before (we won't judge). "No Noise" is a heavy pick, too - the vibes on this track are lush and the samples are reminiscent of a sci-fi film, and the lead that comes in should have you nodding with your head down and eyes closed upon hearing it. All of these tracks were mastered by the good people at MegaSonic Sound, for the most optimum listening and feeling experience.

You can download the remix of "Hazel" by Frite Nite artist Comma below, exclusively brought to you by us. You're welcome.