Hip-Hop's Sonic Doppelgangers: 20 Rappers Who Sound Like Other Rappers

Domino and Snoop Dogg

Key Song: Domino "Long Beach Thang"

Def Jam was slow to move on the West Coast sound; ultimately, it would be Warren G's "Regulate" that would become the label's biggest hit in this era. But rapper Domino had not-insubstantial success with his debut record, which spawned hits like "Ghetto Jam" and "Sweet Potato Pie." But the Long Beach-originated rapper, who first appeared on 1992's Bangin' on Wax, also couldn't shake comparisons to Snoop Dogg, who had become Long Beach's defining artist. Domino's laid-back delivery wasn't identical to Snoop's, just a little similar, and he had certified hits of his own, thanks in part to impeccable production from DJ Battlecat. But his work indisputably feels of the Snoop era. —David Drake

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