You may or may not be old enough to remember this, but back around 1999 Lance Bass of N 'Sync dated Danielle Fishel, the actress best known for playing Topanga on the TV series, Boy Meets World. They even went to the prom together and Bass recently tweeted an old photo of them all dressed up for the occasion. 

Since then, Bass has come out as openly gay. But the pair have remained friends, they even onced appeared on the The Tyra Banks Show to talk about their relationship and how Bass knew he was gay when he couldn't take Fishel's virginity (despite having already had sex with a woman). 

Fishel is currently busy preparing for the upcoming spinoff of Boy Meets WorldGirl Meets World. But she's still smoking hot—as evidenced by her recent Maxim cover and the fact that Waka Flocka was flirting with her on Twitter.

Wasn't everything just better in the '90s?