The trailer for Scotty's F.A.I.T.H mixtape made me legitimately excited for his mixtape. And I'm not excited for anything besides my impending doom (doom is like ripping a band-aid, sure it hurts like hell but aren't you glad you ripped it off?) and I look at every rapper release like this

So yeah, peep the trailer below which has a preacher (I'm sorry, but he sounds kinda like Trinidad James) talking about why you should have faith. But first, check out the tracklist to his mixtape which is executive produced by DJ Burn One and drops April 30.

1. Food for Thought (Prod. by Stephon & Dj Burn One)
2. Clarity ft. Ebony Love (Prod. by Cardo & Dj Burn One)
3. After Rap (Prod. by Soundz)
4. Mama Aint Raise No Fool ft. Miloh Smith (Prod. by Stroud)
5. Ol Skool 84 ft. LE$ (Prod. by Dj Burn One)
6. Erday Feel Like Payday (Prod. by Soundz)
7. SSDD (Prod. by Dj Burn One & Beanz N Kornbread)
8. SheOntGiveAF ft. The CoolisMac (Prod. by Stroud)
9. Conversations On That Brown ft. Trinidad James (Prod. by Dj Burn One & Beanz N Kornbread)
10. My Shoes ft. Starlito & Killa Kyleon (Prod. by Dj Burn One)
11. All The H03$ ft. Curti$ William$ (Prod. by Dj Burn One)
12. 3 Dayz ft. Ebony Love & Jihad (Prod. by Dj Burn One)
13. Handle Biz by Scotty (Prod. by Bnice)
14. GAME ft. Trinidad James & Big Krit (Prod. by Dj Burn One)
15. GA Dialect ft. Couleen Lagon (Prod. by Dj Burn One & Cy Fyre)
16. FAITH (Prod. by Dj Burn One)
17. Fuss and Fight ft.Lecrae (produced by Beat Academy)