Producer: Big Reese, Jasper Cameron

Lloyd's known for having some of the most euphoric performances in the R&B game, each vocal driven by bubbly enthusiasm. Matching him with one of the most distinctive breakbeats of all time and throwing atop a Slick Rick vocal loop was a cause for celebration, a bone to old heads who wanted to hear their classics lighting up parties once more.

Lil Wayne's guest spot was a smart choice; his delivery draws no obvious lines of comparison to Rakim's, but he's one rapper who would be familiar with the elder MC's catalog, so he hits a sweet spot of paying homage without losing the new song's identity. "Girls Around the World" also points to the timelessness of "Paid in Full," which sounds as good pumping through club speakers today as the day it was released. —David Drake

Inspiration: Eric B. & Rakim "Paid in Full" (1987)

Producer: Eric B. & Rakim