It looks like the beef between Joe Budden and Consequence could not be squashed during their showdown at Hot 97.

The two rappers, who are both stars of the Love & Hip-Hop NY reality show, were on the set of the series' reunion episode. This was apparently the first time the two had met since Budden ran up on Consequence right before his interview on the Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg show. During the filming, Cons tweeted out that he had just "smacked the S**T" out of Budden. An hour later, the Jersey native responded on Twitter, calling the attack "the most pu**y display ever seen," and claiming that the Queens rapper fled the scene after getting punched by Tahiry.

Sometime later, while still filming the episode, Budden called up Hot 97 to explain what had unfolded. Talking with both Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff, Joey explained that the fight happened during a break in the filming, when he and Tahiry had gone outside to smoke a cigarette. According to Budden, the punch was likely Consequence's way of retaliating for being embarrassed at Hot 97.

Budden further added that his mother, who was at the present on location, had gotten upset at VH1 for the whole debacle, especially because there was a heavy security presence at the shoot. He went on to say that VH1 is looking to have both Budden and Consequence confront each other directly in upcoming shooting.

More on this story likely coming.


It appears that the two rappers came to blows for a second time tonight. The two have begun tweeting at each other after the shooting got wrapped up. Budden initiated the exchange, asking Cons if he was okay and implying that the Queens emcee was talking to the police while his girlfriend, Jen The Pen, looked on, tears in her eyes.

Consequence responded quickly, indicating that police had asked him if he wanted to press charges on Joe, and that he declined the offer. Within minutes, Joe tweeted at Consequence directly, asking him to take a picture to prove that he was okay. Not to be outdone, Cons replied by claiming that Tahiry had hit him harder than Joe.

View the exchange below. This is likely not the end of this madness.

[via XclusiveZone]