Where: The Four Seasons Restaurant (New York)

Date: May 7, 2011

Songs Performed: "Best I Ever Had," "What's My Name," and "Over," among others.

Amazing Things:

1. This bar mitzvah, for the kid of former NBC chairman Jeff Zucker, was supposed to be played by Kanye West. Yeezy wanted a million. Drake undercut him, playing the show for $250 G's.

2. Drake's speeches between songs during this were straight up incredible. If you think the Take Care interludes are inspirational, may we suggest fast-fowarding to 3:55 in the above video, which, as of this writing, has only been seen by a handful of people?


"Tonight, this is your moment. I want to let you know: You're now a man. So I want to encourage you, man, to make the right decisions. Pick your friends wisely. It seems like you got a lot of great people around you that love you. I want you to take a lot of wisdom from the people in this room, too. [...] To all my young Jewish men, keep being great Jewish men. I'mma do the same."

Immortalized in Song? 

Oh yes: "Just performed at a bar mitzvah over in the statesss/used half of the money to beat my brother's cassse."