A new day, a new Azealia Banks Twitter rant.

Today, the target is currently anonymous, with Azealia choosing not to name her. But it is definitely a female emcee. According to Azealia, things have reached a point where it feels as if labels are making it compulsory for any newly-signed female rapper to start drama with her. She goes on to dispel the label of being "the angry black girl," saying instead that she is "the HEAD NEGRESS." Further down the line, she accuses the rapper in question of trying to use sexual favors to get ghostwritten verses, saying that after "all the f***king and sucking, n***as still won't write you a verse!!!"

A potential candidate would be UK rapper Shystie, whose video for "Control It," featuring Azealia, was released on Sunday and subsequently taken down the following day. Azealia expressed her feelings about the video on Twitter, saying that she did not feel it because it was unoriginal and rushed. However, Shystie herself has not said anything publicly in response.

Another possibility is Azealia's apparent nemesis Iggy Azalea, ironic due to the fact that Banks is performing in Sydney, Australia.

Read the full Twitter rant below.

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