Will You '90s Babies Shut Up and Admit Rap Was 100 Times Better in the '90s?

Parents hated rap, and rap was dangerous

True story: A parent of one of the writers on this list thought "Self Destruction," the posse cut by the KRS-One's Stop the Violence Movement, was about suicide. That's how afraid parents were of rap in the '90s*. In 1992, Bill Clinton threw Sister Souljah under the bus for kinda-sorta suggesting that black people "have a week and kill white people" (OK, so maybe he had a point); in 2012, Barack Obama had Jay-Z introduce him at a campaign rally on the day before the election rapping. Oh wait.

*Yeah, we know "Self Destruction" came out in '89. Fact-checking: another thing that was better back in the day.

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