Video: DJ Khaled Discusses "Suffering From Success" Album

Video: DJ Khaled Discusses "Suffering From Success" Album

There's no denying DJ Khaled's place in hip-hop, even if it's questioned at times. In this interview with Karen Civil, he discusses the creative process of his seventh album, Suffering From Success, and offers perspective on his career trek so far. "I'm a winner," Khaled says during the interview. "I'mma continue winning, but when I was coming up, I didn't know when you win, you deal with a lot of unnecessary bullshit."

As for the album, Khaled believes it'll make a great impact. "I'm in my early stages of the album, but already I feel like I got three of the biggest anthems of the year." He's certainly confident. Watch the full interview below.

[via HipHopWired]


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