Now I don't know about you but I'm all about HudMo, Lunice and all this genre-defying craziness that we've been lucky enough to be graced with the last little while.  And now again I have another gem of a producer who's clearly putting up the middle fingers to genres and carving out his own lane: Carter Delacroix.

This dude has clearly been learning from someone who knows what they're doing because just listen to "So Nice" and it's exactly that, so DAMN nice.  Thankfully there are no played out Trap-A-Holics samples here. Instead we're taken back to the funk with James Brown providing the title words along with some other screams and squelches as Carter Delacroix masterfully splices and dices the sample over one of the heaviest low-ends I've heard in a LONG TIME. At once I'm listening to this and I just want to wild out and stomp my feet, but I'm also finding myself just vibing to this rhythm.  This track is just wavy.  It sounds like something DJ Shadow could drop into the middle of his sets, easily.

At the time of writing, dude has only 15 followers and eight sounds.  Give this dude some love and support GOOD music.