JMSN: "Like I said, all those guys are just dope. Ab-Soul is just a good experience because he's chill. I like it when people come in without egos and want it for the love of the music. We got on so good that we were doing two songs a session.

"I had all these beats that I had been working on. 'Nibiru' started out as just a JMSN song and I had been putting vocals on it. And then I was like, I'm not really feeling what I was doing. I showed it to Ab and he was like, 'Oh shit. Well, let me do this.' And he knocked that shit out in like fucking 20 minutes. It came out so great I was like, 'Shit, let's do another.' [Laughs.]

"The album is 12 tracks. There's this one...I don't even know if I should say the title because it might give away too much. I feel like I'm under a microscope because when MixedByAli was mixing the first single I posted a photo of it on Instagram like, 'Unit 6 coming.' And then Ab hit me up like, 'Dude, why did you say Unit 6? I didn't want to give away the album title.' I was like, 'Oh shit, I didn't even know we didn't give it away yet.'

"I got to chill. I'm wanting to talk about it like everybody knows but it's a secret. [Laughs.] You post a picture on Instagram and all of a sudden it's a blog post across the wall. I was just posting it because I wanted to tell you all what was going on because I was excited about it.

"We definitely are experimenting with other elements musically, but It's still my style of production. It's dark and moody, and there's a lot of horns and reverbed out shit. You'll see when you hear it. It's got that JMSN production on it.

"There are no features. We made it a point not to get features and have it stand on its own. With TDE, they wanted to put Kendrick and ScHoolboy Q on it which is cool, but they weren't part of the process so it doesn't make sense to just throw them in there."