Producer: N.O. Joe
Album: The Resurrection
Label: Rap-A-Lot Records

Scarface: “Joe did the record with Mike Dean and I really don’t know how that record came about. I know I always wanted to use that record and that’s how Joe flipped it, and then I wrote a verse to it. The inspiration behind the verse was Nas. I'm a huge Nas fan. I bite Nas any chance I get.

“I bite Nas, I bite Cube, I bite Jay-Z. I'm a fucking biter. I would never use none of their words but I'd be like, ‘Man that shit was dope, I'm gonna bite that shit.’ But I never bite, I just say I do for shits and giggles. The only song that I can say I literally bit was Ice Cube’s ‘Dead Homies.’ But, that was just a tribute to him and when you hear it, it sounds like that. He was one of my biggest influences.

“As far as skill and delivery, I can honestly say that New York rap molded my awareness of what skill meant in hip-hop. I always wanted to be very skillful. I always wanted to approach every record differently, with a different type of rap style or a different type of wordplay delivery. I never wanted to just rap one way. I wanted to do that song this way and that one another way. I just wanted to be fucking great so I focused and practiced very hard on this. I really just wanted to be great; I didn’t want to be anything but great. I couldn’t accept anything other than greatness.”