Have you pressed play on a track in hopes of hearing some awe-inspiring rhymes only to find out that your favorite rapper has decided to harmonize all over the track? We've all been there, and with artists like Drake and Future populating today's hip-hop's landscape, the crossover game is at a height in the new millennium. More than ever, we have rappers singing, rapping, and sing-rapping.

Some rappers, like our current cover star Kid Cudi, have made a career out of this style. Many of the biggest rap songs out are, arguably, R&B records at heart. The days of boom-bap have slowly dissolved and given way to Auto-Tune enhanced crooning. How Much Do Your Favorite Rappers Actually Rap? Good question. Read on for a breakdown of 20 of the best hip-hop artists to master the art of melodic vocals.
Written by Alysa Lechner (@HiAlysa) and Tannis Spencer (@LaVisionary)