What They Dissed: "Yuck" (2012)

What They Said: "I'm very upset about that, just so everybody knows. [2 Chainz] put me on there, I sound wack as hell. He did not tell me that was gonna be the first song on his album. We [were] just in the studio, and I just did that. I was just in there messing around." - Lil Wanye

Known for his incomparable work ethic in the studio, it's reasonable to believe that not every Lil Wayne verse is made with greatness in mind. Hell, he probably takes a few sessions off just to get his creative juices flowing. Such would be the case on "Yuck," his verse for 2 Chainz's debut album Based on a T.R.U. Story. With Wayne seemingly rambling on through a stream of consciousness, you would think it was his first take. It's not like the record is buried somewhere on the project; it's the opening track. Weezy was none too proud when he found out 2 Chainz kept the verse as is.