What They Dissed: Thank Me Later (2010)

What They Said: "To be 100% honest...I wasn't necessarily happy with Thank Me Later. People loved it [but] I just knew what I was capable of with a little more time. I'm very confident in Take Care. I definitely made the exact album that I wanted. I'm very happy with [Take Care]. More so than I've ever been with a project." - Drake

With a breakout year in 2009, the pressure was on for Drake to release an undeniable debut in Thank Me Later. In between stories of late night theatrics, crossover rap ballads, and the occasional heartbreak narrative, the Toronto MC came through with an album that highlighted his best musical assets, along with a high profile list of collaborators that other newcomers could only salivate over. However, the overall direction of the album felt incomplete and rushed, an issue that Drake focused on refining when creating the follow-up, Take Care.