Craziest request: Female extras at every tour stop

Gummies, vodka, chocolate, blah blah blah. But humans? M.I.A. requests for female extras to be on board for every stop of her tour. Requirement? Lots of stage presence but we're assuming not too much. We're pretty sure she wouldn't want to be overshadowed by her extras, especially when they have to be onstage with her during the entirety of the show while being drapped in Burkas. For someone who has had a history of outrageous and eclectic moments [Read: Super Bowl], should we really be surprised at what M.I.A. needs to keep herself pleased?

Full list of items: Twenty-four 500 mL bottles of non-carbonated spring water. Must be Evian or Fiji. A container of organic dried blueberries, a container of quality assorted olives, a variety of quality chocolates such as Ferrero Rocher, one small bag of sour gummy candy, one 750 mL botlle of Ketel One Vodka, a bottle of Absynthe, a bottle of Mount Gay rum, a six pack of Heineken.