Producer: Dr. Dre
Album: Get Rich or Die Tryin'
Label: Aftermath Entertainment, Interscope, Shady

The pinnacle of Dre's relationship with Mike Elizondo, "In Da Club" is one of those creations that could either be an accidental jackpot or a laboratory-crafted attempt at the ultimate hip-hop beat. Like a lot of Dre's work, it has an insistence that tugs at the listener. It will not stop baiting you and it is engineered to run forever, like a perpetual motion machine.

Some fans theorize that Elizondo basically created the whole beat and Dre simply put his name on it—there are dozens of such theories for each of Dre's collaborators, for it is easier to believe in a man's fallibility than his everlasting artistic endurance—but this song has Dre's prints all over it. It would have still been a hit with another Dre protégé on it—in fact, it was offered to D12 at one point but they were unsure of how to attack the beat while 50 jumped right on it.

50 brings a certain magnetism that hearkens back to the producer's original partnership with Snoop. In his younger years Snoop embodied the contradictions that would subsequently come to define 50's success: The impeccable combination of slickness and menace, tunefulness and aggression, pop and violence.