Label: Epic

A$AP Yams:S.D.E. is my favorite Cam album cause I think Dipset has a lot more fans now, especially with the internet and shit like that, and I think they all appreciate the Purple Haze and Come Home With Me, and the Diplomatic Immunity, but they never really appreciate S.D.E., cause Cam was really rapping on that motherfucker. People love the work he did with The Heatmakers, but I love what he did with Digga and Dame Grease. All them Dame Grease beats in the late-90s, with the violins and fucking the rocking horns and all that shit, like that was what Harlem sounded like in the late-90s. It was that whole streetness, you know what I’m saying? From T-Rex to Black Rob, you know what I’m saying? To Ma$e, even DMX. Cam was really, you could tell he was pissed off with what was going on with the ladies, and he rapped his ass off that whole fucking album.