Travi$ Scott: “I went to private school in elementary and middle school, but then I went to public school in high school man. I loved private school. It was like the freshest bitches and all my homies were rich as fuck. That showed me a whole other taste level of life. That’s when I knew, shit is way bigger than Houston, period. Which influenced me to just like tap into other things, stylistically.

“I was in college at The University of Texas and I dropped out. My grandparents were extra educated, my grandfather has his doctorate in philosophy. When I dropped out of school, it was the worst man. They cut me off. I was like a rebel about this education life. I was all bad. I was like a kid man, like, ‘Why the fuck are you so damn bad bro?’ [Laughs.]

“I graduated early from high school, I was like 17. I’m smart man. I wasn’t a dumbass. [Laughs.] But I dropped out of college at age 19. School was a pain in the ass man.

“If I’m going to class, I���m going to have to sit here and look at this professor that’s teaching me shit I’m not trying to hear. I want to be a fucking rapper bro. I’m trying to ice out my chain. I’m trying to rock crowds and have kids spazz. That’s what I wanted to do. Entertain. Fuck this whole [having a job and a] desk and a boss—kiss my ass.”