Lil Durk: "Hittas like everybody just be drillin’. We just be drillin’. That’s why we say hittas. Ls could stand for anything, really. Life, Love.That’s why I say, 'Ls up for them hittas.' Some people don’t know what L's is. That’s what L's is. When you say L's, its for them hittas.

"I got a lot of recognition off this, like word of mouth. Just imagine I didn’t have a label to be promotion me, doing these type of numbers without no push. "[King] Louie trying to trend with his own stuff. Keep trying to trend and get big. I do [miss my dreads] but I don’t. It just ended. I don’t like this shit on me. I’m going to see a whole bunch of new people that didn’t even know I had this hairdo."