You would think that Hit-Boy and Kanye West have been on the same musical wavelength for a minute. But during this interview with, Hit-Boy recalls meeting ‘Ye for the first time through an introduction from Pharrell Williams. And as he says, West wasn’t really feeling his beats at the time.

"I had originally met Kanye through Pharrell in '07. He introduced me to him and I played him some beats and he was fuckin' with 'em but it just didn't connect like it was supposed to," he said. "But then I ended up meeting his cousin, Ricky Anderson, Kanye's cousin, and I sent him beats and he said, 'Kanye fucked with your shit but it just don't match where he's at right now.' I thought he was just talking bullshit."

Although Hit-Boy didn’t buy into the idea of ‘Ye feeling his beats, the pair eventually came together for a G.O.O.D Friday track called “Christmas in Harlem.” From there came the Watch The Throne sessions that birthed the infectious hit, “Niggas In Paris.” Watch the rest of the video that has Hit-Boy talking about his new mixtape HITstory, as well as remembering the time when 'Ye called him the future of music.

[via HipHopDX]