Yelawolf has been on a wild ride since his Shady Records debut, Radioactive. The album was generally well-received by hip-hop fans, even securing a spot in our 25 Best Albums List last year. When Yelawolf released its first single, “Hard White (Up In The Club)” and then “Let’s Roll” featuring Kid Rock a few months after, the momentum of breaking the Alabama spitter to a radio-friendly audience was almost certain.

But it seems things are going sour between Yela and Interscope. At the beginning of July, he went on Shade 45’s All Out Show with Rude Jude and Lord Sear to address some disagreements he had with the label. In the radio interview, he shed some light on the promotion behind Radioactive. He says the label only gave him one proper single in 11 months, which didn’t please him since the album was geared toward making an impact on the airwaves. “I don’t know what the fuck they’re doing up there. I love Shady Records, I just think there’s some shit going on upstairs.”

Apparently, jumping from unsigned hype to a major label isn’t always glamorous. Yela continued to vent his concerns with Interscope in a sit down with DJ Skee yesterday. This time, he advised aspiring artists to stay away from trying to get a major label’s attention. He reasoned that a label isn’t necessary in today’s music climate and admitted that he was disappointed with his situation.

"You don't really fuckin’ need a label anymore; you don't need a major label, you don't need none of that shit. If they're not absolutely working as a promotional company, as an engine to promote your music every single fuckin’ day. Because you're on it every day. Your management, your publicist, your team is on it every day. So when you sign a contract, you better be damn sure that they have obligations to work your shit."

He continued that there’s a lot of “nonsense” involved with being signed to a major and isn’t happy with how things are now. He also mentioned that artists should only join major labels to better their situation, not to create music careers. Whether or not you agree with Yelawolf’s recent troubles, he’s looking at the positive side.

Catfish Billy is focused on bringing his fans new music. On Independence Day, he released his DJ Frank White-hosted, Heart Of Dixie, with producer M16. He's got an EP in the works with Travis Barker called Psycho White, as well as prepping to release Trunk Muzik Returns. And while fans are waiting for his sophomore effort, Love Story, the Big K.R.I.T. joint album Country Cousins should help boost Yela’s spirits. Maybe then his relationship with Interscope will take a turn for the better.