Year: 2012

While Drake and Common's back and forth earlier this year may have seemed like your standard rap beef, in reality, it was a battle of young versus old. Their 15-year age difference did not dominate the headlines, but it certainly seemed to be a big motivating factor—even if neither MC would admit it.

Common's song "Sweet" had the tone of a respected elder checking the young'n who had gone astray even as Drake felt he'd outgrown the elder's advice. Ironically, Drake's response—on Rick Ross's "Stay Schemin'"—found him longing for the good ol' days when rappers were reaching for weapons and not record sales. Ultimately, both parties reconciled their differences and moved forward. And although it wasn't perceived as a shot at Common, Drake perfectly summarized all old school/new school beefs best on French Montana's "Pop That" when he said, "I shine different, I rhyme different/Only thing you got is some years on me/Man fuck you and your time difference."