The latest reports say Drake will be facing an endangerment charge after his altercation with Chris Brown. Still, Birdman fully supports his artists no matter what the situation.

During an interview with MTV News in Atlanta, Stunna has Drake's back in the club brawl aftermath. Although he wasn’t in attendance last Wednesday night at W.i.P, he firmly believes that Drizzy did nothing wrong.  "To me, Drizzy ain't did nothin' wrong, he ain't done nothin' wrong to nobody. He just doin' great music," he said. "He's not a reckless guy out there just wildin' out; he's a humble kid makin' great music."

The YMCMB boss has made it clear that engaging in rap beefs is bad for business. Later in the clip, he explains that his brand isn’t the type to promote foul manner. He also recalls a time when tensions between opposite crews were dealt with in a different way. Simply put, Birdman knows that his team are professional, not thugs. Watch it above.

[via MTV]