“I’m going to make an analogy, and I don’t know if most listeners are in tune with it, but last night, I was listening to Bob Dylan and I listened to one of his older songs from that era and I was listening to one of his new albums. There are certain periods - like you said, lightning in a bottle - where we hear Sam Cooke singing, "A Change is Gonna Come," when it comes out during the time that it was needed to come out. You can get the best R&B artist or vocalist today to cover that song, and while it might be a great cover, it might not have the same poignancy and relevance to whatever the current paradigm is. Who knows? I’m not saying that a reunion will or will not happen. That’s probably above my pay grade. But what happened during that time was supposed to happen for that time.” - John Forte, on the importance of the Fugees and a possible reunion. [via Sway's Universe]