M.I.A. is having a busy year. Coming off her successful commercial release of /\/\/\Y/\ and the mixtape Vicki Leekx, she has ventured on to do more visual art. When an opportunity with Beck’s Beer called for her to design a limited edition label, it provided the creative space for her yin-yang stamp inspired by India. In this SPIN interview, she chatted about the concepts of her designs, the "Bad Girls" video and what her plans are for the next album, Matangi. Check out some excerpts below.

On working with Beck's:

Things have their way. I was in India at the time doing artwork anyway, and somebody sent it to me, and it kind of fit with the theme of what I was making. And so I said yes because I felt like it was perfect.I'm not too much of a beer drinker, but when I was at art school, Beck's always sponsored shows and stuff like that. I remember it being like a beer haze, not for me, but for most of my friends.

On the making of the "Bad Girls" video:

It's just drawing on everything I said on the /\/\/\Y/\ album, and Vicki Leekx was an extension or a part to the whole /\/\/\Y/\ thing. I feel like I put out two albums, which is hard to do. Subject matters that I was talking about hadn't happened yet at the time that I made it, it took a year for things to happen — for the Arab Spring to happen, for Wikileaks, all these things, it was all in my mind.

On the next album:

I've been working on the songs by myself for awhile, and towards the end I got Switch to sort of bring it together and contribute new songs for it as well, but also just help me pull mine together so it's a bit more like... well, it's just nice to get another opinion. But I'm trying to work with tons of people, I don't really wanna say any names because I haven't actually chosen what songs are going on it yet.

[via Spin]