Big Sean is heading back to Detroit this coming Monday, May 14 as a gift to the students of Lincoln High School. They took part in a campaign called "Get Schooled" from Feb. 13 through April 27 and effectively increased attendance by 8.56 percent, which is more than any other institution in the city.

Sean won't simply be visiting the school, though; he'll serve as the acting principal for the day. He will also assist in teaching classes and attend an assembly hosted by hip-hop radio personalities Sway Calloway and Coco.

Here's what Sean had to say about the campaign:

“Showing up to school, all day, every day, is one of the most important things students can do to reach their educational goals and to go on to success later in life,” said Big Sean. “I am so proud of my hometown of Detroit for tackling attendance issues head on and I am so excited to celebrate the achievements of the students who worked so hard throughout the attendance challenge.”

[via AllHipHop]