Producer: DJ Quik
Album: Space Age 4 Eva
Label: JCOR Entertainment/Interscope Records

DJ Quik: “I had just bought this little drum machine and I was pulling sounds out of it and putting them in the MPC, and was just quirking around with them. At that point I was going minimalist, just trying to take it back to the drums, no synthesizer, no bass guitar, no guitar, no keyboards, none of that shit.

"It became a record about sound effects, just like a double-time bounce record. It was a throwaway to me. I wouldn't have rapped to it, I wouldn't have used it. But I got in the studio with 8ball and MJG for the Space Age Pimpin' album, and they heard it.

"I played one for them, and then I played that one. 'What you doing with that?' I was like, 'This is junk, I'm about to delete this shit!' And they was like, 'Hold the presses! See Quik, one man's trash...' So I recorded it. They recorded their vocals. I record everything now, because I missed a lot of shit.

"I could have had my video camera rolling back then and had some footage of some of the most epic sessions. All that Tupac shit. Anyway, they loved the track and I got on it with them. They inspired me to write to the motherfucker so I did. Mixed it for them, sent it to them.

“I love 8ball and MJG. If they ever wanted to do something again—I've been hanging out with Young Jeezy too. I've been giving him beats and shit. But this time, I would like to go to where they're at.

"I don't want them to come to L.A.; L.A. doesn't really have a culture. L.A. has lost its soul. Musical vibe in L.A. Isn't the same. We don't even have a real radio station. When it comes to R&B and all that, the signals is all scrambled.

"I'd like to go down south with them. I'd rather go to Memphis and work on it. Because that way, I could capture or be inspired by what moves them. What the sound is right then and there at that time. To me that's what great musicians do.

"That's why they stay on tour, the ones that are healthy enough to do so. We go out and we move around. To be like little antennae. To pick up on signals from people and try to give them energy and music.”