Song: Ludacris "Badaboom"
Album: 1.21 Gigawatts: Back To The First Time
Label: Disturbing Tha Peace

As a veteran in the rap game, Luda is not easily impressed. He's seen rappers come and go; he's seen styles get popular and unpopular; and he's always been a remarkably unique artist. So when he caught flack for using the "hashtag flow" popularized by Drake and Big Sean—you know, "parade, Macys!"—he felt it was time to give the young fellas a history lesson.

On "Badaboom" Luda makes it understood that no idea is original. Everything is taken from or influenced by something else and no one—not even himself—can claim ownership of a style. The statement was one that needed to be made, and not for nothing, Luda also served notices that his pen game was still as sharp as ever.