This feature is a part of Complex's Yelawolf Week.

This week, Yelawolf dropped his debut album Radioactive. His album mixes and matches hip-hop with a variety of styles of music including rock, dubstep, and even country. In our continuing coverage of Yelawolf Week here at Complex, we got on the horn with Catfish Billy to talk about his favorite albums and found out his musical tastes are just as diverse as his debut album. 

"There are so many more albums that I would have loved to have mentioned," explained Wolf. "By no means do I think that these particular albums are the greatest 25 albums of all time. They are just some of the 25 that have made the greatest impact on my life."

Although he declined to rank the albums, he went on to tell us about the album that terrified him as a kid, what Lynyrd Skynyrd song he molds himself after, and which album reminds him of the days he used to sniff brown paper bags full of airplane glue. 

As told to Insanul Ahmed (@Incilin)

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