#5. Kreayshawn "Gucci Gucci"

Producer: DJ Two Stacks

Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Complex says: Not everyone was ready for it, but “Gucci Gucci” was a long time coming. For decades now, hip-hop has had fans who were white girls but didn’t have a place for them. And for the last few years, hipster rap has been bubbling beneath the surface. “Gucci Gucci” was somewhere in the middle and right what we wanted. After it exploded as a viral smash and racked up millions of views on Youtube, Kreayshawn was sitting on a rumored million dollar deal with Sony Records mere weeks later.

One thing that was lost in the immediate reaction to “Gucci Gucci”—in the midst of discussions about swag pumping out of ovaries and pearl handle kitty cats—was how the polished the record was. Young Kreayshawn actually dropped a mixtape last year, the rightfully ignored Kittys X Choppas which found her sounding like a Based Goddess who spewed nonsense rhymes for the sake of rhymes. But with “Gucci Gucci,” she was much more focused and had an real message to deliver. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not one of anti-consumerism. It’s one about finding your own and being youself. In other words, swag, swag, swag.