What happened? When the trial of the L.A. Four (which later became six, though after the name had been popularized) concluded, only two of the six charged with beating Denny were sentenced to jail time. The verdict was seen by many as payback for the Rodney King case, as many whites thought the sentencing was light due to the heinousness of the crime. Debate raged on for weeks, further exacerbating racial tension in Los Angeles.
Song: Ice Cube “Down For Whatever” (1993)

Lyrics: “Don't take a nigga for granted/Cause whether it's a verdict, or the L.A. four/You just don't know/That this rapping-ass nigga will change with the weather/And be down for whatever.”
Complex says: The controversial verdict of the L.A. Four spawned a lot more tension and arguing between blacks and whites in L.A. But Cube isn't necessarily the guy you want to argue with about some shit like that any way, so making sure you were on his side was pretty much the only way to win an argument with O'Shea.