Lil Wayne's new Rolling Stone cover story is shaping up to be pretty epic. The piece already produced yesterday's Bron Bron/D-Wade trashing Quote of The Day, but it turns out Wayne had some interesting things to say about Chris Brown as well. In the article, while listening to his Breezy collab track "Look At Me Now," Weezy thinks about putting the song on his upcoming Tha Carter IV before concluding, "I cannot have Chris Brown rapping on Tha Carter IV."

We figured it was because Chris Brown sucks at controlling his temper rapping, but Weezy had a different train of thought.

"He ain't sound bad," said Wayne, to Rolling Stone. "He's spitting. But come on, man! Do you know how many rappers would be like, 'I can't get on Tha Carter IV, but this nigga put Chris Brown on that bitch? Rapping?"

Good point! But Wayne, why not just G the track like the way Baby G’ed all the producers from Carter III?

"You can’t take a nigga’s song and take him off of it," continued Wayne. "That's like telling him, 'I think this shit is hotter without you.' I would feel played if a nigga did me that way."

Chris Brown f/ Busta Rhymes & Lil Wayne "Look At Me Now"