Juelz Santana

With his third LP, Born To Lose, Built To Win, coming soon, the Skull Gang head honcho outlines his keys to success.

As told to Damien Scott, Photography by Jahse PAY ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING.
Don’t be blind to nothing. I learned that from the situation that happened with me and Cam. For me to feel like this is my brother and for us not to come to an agreement, that made me feel like, “Was it always just business?” That’s what made it hurt a little more. But I still wish him the best; I still got genuine love.

I was just an artist before and the boss had to deal with me. Now it’s a bit different because I have to make sure I give people the right advice, never take things personal, and never be a dictator. Just because you believe in something don’t mean it’s the truth. So even when I tell people what I believe in, I tell them, “This may not work for you.” I treat it like we’re all our own boss. I’m just the overseer. No one above no one—we all equal.

I love bloggers. If you’re a person on the Internet that says, “Yo, Juelz, this is kind of wack,” I love that, because it’s your personal opinion. At the end of the day, everyone is allowed that. But don’t just wait for me to do something, then hate on me. ’Cause then you’re not a blogger, you’re just a hater.