With her new album, It’s Not Me, It’s You, out in February, the electro-pop vixen opens up about ugly jackets AND tall tales.

As Told to Saidah Petrie
Men say: I can’t date a girl whose style doesn’t complement mine.

Lily Allen says: I always end up manipulating a guy’s style anyway. The second we start going out, I always start buying him clothes that I’d like to see him in. And I kind of gravitate toward people that I think I’d be compatible with. There was one guy, quite recently, who had this really bad jacket that he wore all the time. And I couldn’t go any further. The jacket was really bad.

Men say: Women are better at lying than men.

Lily Allen says: Men lie without thinking they’re going to be questioned, whereas women always try to back up their lies. My friend called me at 6 o’clock the other morning and said, “If anyone asks if I came over to your house, I did. Right?” I was like, “Why the fuck are you calling me at this hour?” She said, “I went to this guy’s house, and I couldn’t find an excuse to leave, so I said you were really upset and I had to go to your house.” A girl will always cover her tracks. A man will not.

Men say: Women are good at talking about problems; men are better at fixing them.

Lily Allen says: Bullshit! Guys are better at a short-term fix for things, but they don’t always think about the bigger picture, or things from a more emotional level on how problems start. On the whole, when male friends of mine have problems, they always call me to fix them. Perhaps guys are good at transferring responsibilities to other people.