It seems like drug traffickers are getting bolder with each passing day. We’ve already seen a woman with makeshift breast implants filled with drugs, another who was caught trying to smuggle contraband in her vagina, and a man found with 27 bags of heroin in his stomach. Suddenly, that high school shop teacher arrested for allowing his students to smoke weed in class doesn’t sound so bad.


Now comes the story of a drug cartel who took trafficking to a whole new level. According to the Mirror, the United States Coast Guard seized a semisubmersible carry 12,800 pounds of cocaine after being alerted by a Customs and Border Protection aircraft flying overhead. The small crew of four was stopped by authorities off the coast of California, who then discovered the big haul worth about $203 million.

"Transnational organized crime groups continue to adjust their tactics to avoid detection indicated by a recent rise in the use of SPSS vessels. Despite these efforts, we will continue to execute an offensive strategy that targets, attacks and disrupts these dangerous criminal networks," Pacific Area commander Vice Admiral Charles Ray said.

Apparently, this sort of thing has been going on for years. As a result, the Coast Guard refocused their efforts to detect the underwater vessels. Authorities have already captured five since July 2015.