Complex Brackets

Season 3

November 02, 2022

What is the Best Southern Rap Remix? w/ Jeezy | Complex Brackets

The Snowman stops by to debate B. Dot on the best rap remix to come from the South—Migos Ft. Drake "Versace", Rick Ross Ft. Jay-Z "Hustlin", Unk Ft. Andre 3000 & Jim Jones "Walk It Out", + more—ultimately crowning a winner. Jeezy also recalls hearing the beat to "Go Crazy" on a T.I. mixtape and taking it for himself! RIP Takeoff


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Complex Brackets
Host Brian “B.Dot” Miller and a celebrity guest navigate a themed bracket, picking winners until a field of 16 is narrowed to one winner. Expect shocking upsets, controversial picks, and unexpected victors, March Madness-style! Brack up every Wednesday at 12PM ET.