Complex Brackets

Season 4

September 14, 2022

Bobby Shmurda Picks the Best Hip-Hop Dance Ever | Complex Brackets

Bobby Shmurda reveals if he could beat Chris Brown and Usher in a dance-off, all while swerving his way through a bracket of hip-hop’s favorite dances—including the Dougie, the Chickenhead, and the Woo Walk—before eventually crowning a winner. He even teaches host B. Dot his new dance! Best Hip-Hop Dance Bracket :


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Complex Brackets
Host Brian “B.Dot” Miller and a celebrity guest navigate a themed bracket, picking winners until a field of 16 is narrowed to one winner. Expect shocking upsets, controversial picks, and unexpected victors, March Madness-style! Brack up every Wednesday at 12PM ET.

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