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Mostly Football
Mostly Football is the only NFL pregame show where nothing is off limits, and it goes live weekly Thursdays before the game @ 4pm PST / 7pm EST on Yahoo! Sports and Complex. This is not guys in suits sitting behind a desk analyzing the Xs and Os of a game. This is two football players arguing over what spot has the best post game wings or whose shoe game reigns supreme. The set is less traditional TV studio set and more baller hangout. Super Bowl champion Martellus Bennett will host alongside James Davis and Ben Lyons as they chat about the lifestyle around the game: the fashion, the shoes (of course), the Tweets, the eats, the locker-room tunes, and all the off-field topics. The show is fun and light hearted, and filtered with the DNA that makes Martellus such a one-of-a-kind personality. He's a big kid and a geek at heart who's super curious about the world around him. The show will feature in studio guests from the world of sports and entertainment. We'll preview the Thursday night matchup, review the week that was in the NFL and discuss the upcoming slate of games. There will be a Fantasy Football segment as well a segment on NFL Betting.