Complex Brackets

October 26, 2020

Watch King Combs Chose Between Drake & Pusha T for Best Rapper of the Decade | Complex Brackets

Complex Brackets is a new game show from Complex News where your favorite celebs choose the best rapper in any one of these four categories: Best East Coast Rapper, Best West Coast Rapper, Best Rapper of the Decade, and Best Rapper of All Time. In this episode, King Combs hits a wall when he has to chose between Drake and Pusha T for the crown of Best Rapper of the Decade. Be sure to check out Complex Brackets every Monday at 2:00pm EST right here on Complex News.


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Complex Brackets
Host Brian “B.Dot” Miller and a celebrity guest navigate a themed bracket, picking winners until a field of 16 is narrowed to one winner. Expect shocking upsets, controversial picks, and unexpected victors, March Madness-style! Brack up every Wednesday at 12PM ET.