Is it good to be the villain? Remember when LeBron James pondered that very same scripted rhetorical in that insufferable Nike campaign? Well today we give you the most hated player (who in some cases is also the most beloved) on each franchise in the NBA. Some choices are relative. The Big Three in Miami are probably more hated than any player from, at least, half the league's markets. Others are fairly obvious choices.

Still, keep it in perspective. Hatred isn't rational, and if you froth at the mouth at the mere sight of these players you should take a Xanax. After all, LeBron's not exactly bin Laden, and Kobe is no Kim Jong-Un. But, sports thrive with villains. Boos are sometimes a sign of respect, but usually they're just an outlet for raw anger. These are the men who bare the brunt of it. Here's the Most Hated Player on Every NBA Team.

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