Best Casting News: Rihanna Will Star in Luc Besson's New Sci-Fi Movie, 'Valerian'

It's already our new favorite movie.

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None of us deserve Rihanna. And yet, what did we do to get BLESSED with the greatest gift ever: RIHANNA STARRING IN THE NEW LUC BESSON MOVIE?! Can you breathe? 'Cause I sure can't. Today the famed French director (The Fifth Element, Léon the Professional) announced via Instagram Rihanna has a "big part" in the upcoming Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, which already boasts Cara Delevingne in the cast.

The film, based on a graphic novel, is a futuristic space epic about a man and woman (named Valerian and Laureline) on a journey to protect the universe in the 28th century. Delevingne stars alongside Dane DeHaan, whose Bowie-esque look is quite fitting for a space film. What was already an exciting film prospect has just been elevated to new heights thanks to RiRi's part (Besson has yet to disclose details about her character). Valerian starts filming this winter under a $180 million budget and will be released in 2017 (that's too long of a waaaaait). Hopefully this will make up for the flop that was last year's Lucy.

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