Someone in New Hampshire Is Rich AF After Winning the $560 Million Powerball

A single ticket in New Hampshire won the nearly $560 million Powerball jackpot.

An incredibly lucky citizen in New Hampshire is going to be starting off 2018 rich AF. A single ticket bought in the state matched all six Powerball numbers, meaning someone is going to be solely claiming the nearly $560 million grand prize. 

The lucky numbers drawn on Saturday night were 12-29-30-33-61 and Powerball 26. The exact location of the winning ticket? The decades-old Reed's Ferry Market in Merrimack, New Hampshire. "I’m very excited and overwhelmed," store owner Sam Safa told the Associated Press. For selling the winning ticket, the store will also be receiving a $75,000 bonus.

This winning Powerball ticket was drawn just one day after a winning ticket was claimed in Florida for a Mega Millions jackpot of $450 million. While the final payouts will be lower than the full jackpot, some lucky individuals became multi-millionaires over the weekend regardless. 


While two people got the pleasure of increasing their net worth by copping a piece of paper at the local corner store, most had to accept their expected L. 

This Powerball jackpot was the eighth-largest in U.S. history. The odds of winning it were one in 292.2 million. Shoutout to the lucky winner and if you happen to read this, please: 



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