Earlier this year, the RAF paired four of its rising talents with four of the best young visual artists working in the UK right now to paint a never-before-seen look at life inside the RAF.

The project – 'My Two Homes' – followed young RAF professionals working in a variety of fields and documented their lives at home and on base. The result is an intimate look at an often misunderstood world, shining a light on the diversity, training, and global travel opportunities that the RAF can present to the next generation.

Photographer Nina Manandhar was one of the artists working to create ‘My Two Homes’ and she was paired with Elloise, a sneaker collector who found her calling as a corporal for the RAF Police.

We spoke to Nina to break down the project and find out what it was like to go inside a world that so few people ever get to see.

To find out more about life in the RAF and to register your interest in joining, visit raf.mod.uk.