Millennials can get a bad rap sometimes. While some say we’re a bit entitled, we happen to work tremendously hard for the things we want out of life—especially those of us who consider ourselves creatives. Self-taught branding expert Karen Civil hosts Good Looking Out, a new series diving into secrets of success from a group of thriving artists working in design, visual art, food, music, and more.

Each episode explores a different silo of creativity including technology, fashion, sneakers, good, music, and lifestyle. The first episode invites VaynerMedia CEO and Co-Founder, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Grammy-nominated artist and tech entrepreneur, Ryan Leslie, to talk the biggest trends sweeping their respective industries. Other artistic authorities include Sneaker Con Founder Yu-Ming Wu, Sweet Chick Founder John Seymour, and lifestyle blogger Jovel Roystan. Across six episodes, these savvy experts answer a slew of questions from the Complex audience, further illuminating various nuances of their hustle. Additionally, a pre-selected entrepreneur appears each episode in front of a formidable panel to present a business plan and gather feedback.

Civil built her empire in hip-hop, working to help launch Lil Wayne, Nipsey Hussle, YG and others’ careers. She’s also developed a wildly successful, multimillion-dollar marketing campaign for Beats by Dre. The mogul hasn’t been limited to her work as a digital media specialist, though. Civil’s C/V also lists author, entrepreneur, and owner of media brand

SIMPLE Mobile presents the first season of Good Looking Out, premiering Wed., May 2, at 11 a.m. EST on Complex, Complex Social, and Complex Hustle.