In life, what we say rarely matters as much as what we do. Our actions and decisions are what truly define us in the eyes of the world.

That strong, tacit appeal is front and center in the new 2017 Lexus IS. Its design and handling defy the need for description—they speak boldly enough for themselves. Strong lines, a striking grille, and angular LED headlamps are just a few of the features that enhance the dynamic driving experience of the IS. And that’s all before you even start the engine.

With a comprehensive offering of different models, including the IS 350, IS AWD and IS Turbo (all of which are available in the F SPORT), the IS is the right car for every driver who knows that the most powerful statements don’t need words. 

You can check out the bold design of the 2017 Lexus IS in the pic below. To learn more, head over to your nearest Lexus dealer or visit

Image via Lexus