Your wallet is empty, you’ve missed your last 3 months of rent, and had nothing but cat food and ramen to eat for far too long. Every night creditors call you demanding their cash back and you’re constantly watching your back for gruff men in black suits looking to collect. The city shut off your heat and water, while your cell phone bill’s ridiculously overdue. You are the product of the greatest modern American financial crisis. No, I’m not talking about the growing disparity of wealth distribution, this isn’t #OccupyWallStreet; I’m talking about Steam sale addiction.

That cold fevered sweat when you buy yet another PC game you’ll never get around to, we all know it. But you’re asking yourself, how did I get here? What caused me to be an obsessive compulsive shopper of all things downloadable? The following are the 10 stages of Steam sale addiction that caused you to turn into the hopeless impulse buyer you are today.

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