Japan is the first place we look to when it comes to trends. There’s no other country that can make something very awesome (and useless) at the same time. But just like with every other youth trend, some crazes aren't for everyone. Similar to its hairy-leg tights loving neighbors to the West, Japan’s current obsession is with a type of pantyhose.

Tattoo print tights are now very popular in the country. Companies like UNUS are collaborating with Japanese pop-artists to produce their own graphic hosiery. If your girl loves Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, or Kate Moss, she can now wear their likeness on her legs as faux-tattoo leggings. She may regret it later in life, but at least it’s not inked permanently on her skin like some people. If you know someone that wants to look like they doodled all over their legs during lunch break, you can tell them to head over to eBay to purchase.

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[via The Gloss]