Nike Elite socks are great—they wick away moisture and have extra padding to keep your feet comfortable and well-protected at all times. Which makes them the perfect canvas for custom socks. We've already seen Cam'ron's face and the Diplomats logo on pairs of Elite socks, but things just got way, way cooler—if that's even possible.

We've stumbled upon an online shop that is selling possibly the greatest socks of all time. Its Nike Elite socks feature Biggie in a Coogi sweater, the Death Row Records logo, Versace's Medusa-faced logo, a pack of Newport cigarettes, Givenchy's Birds of Paradise print, Gucci Mane wearing a white fur that descends into a waterfall, a bag of Cheetos, and more.

If that doesn't catch your fancy, you can stick to your boring white socks. Even though the socks are pricey, costing $60 a pair, if you want to stunt like Evel Knievel, these socks are your best option.

Shop the collection here.

Also check out Nike Elite on Complex TV's QUICKSTRIKE Ep 9 below.